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Hazel's Story

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Carers' perspective

My husband has alzhmiers which was diagnosed approx. two and half years ago. I first meet Lisa (A Dementia Together Navigator) about 18 months ago through the dementia group that my husband and I joined. Lisa has been very supportive to both myself and my husband...

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Professionals' perspective

One of my biggest joys in my career was facilitating a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) group for the first time (this is a therapy for people with dementia). It was a pleasure to see group member’s self-esteem grow, friendships being formed and having fun together. I couldn’t believe that something so simple could have such a massive impact on a person’s quality of life...

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Living with dementia

Cliff was born in Suffolk and describes a happy childhood. Throughout his adult life he worked as a road builder. He is married to Susan with four children, who are now all grown up with lots of grandchildren. They all remain a very close family. Cliff’s journey with dementia started some six years ago when he was diagnosed with probable Frontotemporal dementia. He had just retired and became very depressed, taking to his bed for six months...