What is Dementia Together?

Dementia Together provides practical information and support for people who are curious, concerned or living with dementia, their carers and healthcare professionals in Suffolk and Waveney.

It supports each person as an individual and aims to enable and empower people affected by memory worries or dementia to make their own choices, feel in control of their lives and live well with dementia.

The service offers a single point of contact for dementia-related information and support, so that you only have to tell your story once, no matter what stage of the illness you’re at when you need help or information.

Dementia Together will listen to you, answer your questions and provide you with information tailored to your needs, either on the telephone or through a home visit. Depending on your needs, a Helpline Operator or Dementia Navigator can also tell you about local services and sources of help, such as support groups, or refer you to an organisation that can help you.

Who can use Dementia Together?

Dementia Together is available to anyone living in Suffolk and Waveney. It provides support for people who are:

  • With or without a formal diagnosis of dementia
  • At any stage of the illness
  • Caring for or supporting someone with dementia
  • Worried about symptoms, either for themselves or someone else.

Whatever stage you’re at with dementia, Dementia Together can support your needs, offer advice, or just be a listening ear.

You can download our leaflet here, Dementia Together Leaflet

Hazel's Story

You can view our mid term evaluation here, Mid Term Evaluation

To see how we use and protect your personal information while you’re in our care, click here to view our leaflet.

You can view our two year evaluation here: Full Report and Summary Report

How to contact Dementia Together

Call Free on: 08081 688 000
Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm.
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays, 10am - 4pm.

The Helpline is a single point of contact for all dementia services in the area. When you call this number, you can tell your story once and our trained Dementia Navigators will put you in touch with what support you might need.

You can also get in touch by email, to ask questions or get support.

Email: SRYC.DementiaTogether@nhs.net