Your practical help guide

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Relief in an emergency

As much as we’ve talked about the importance of planning, there are some things you can’t predict. In an extreme situation the normal rules of calling the emergency services will of course apply. It’s important to be as prepared as possible - even for the unexpected.

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Practical help at home

There is a lot of practical help available to you as a carer, and for the person with dementia. It ranges from the services of care professionals who can come in to help, to practical things that can be done around the house to make life a bit easier for all of you. There’s a lot to take in, but have a look at the next sections.

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Respite care

Respite care and short breaks may be provided to the person you are caring for so that you can take a break from your caring role when you need to. You’ll have been asked about the possible need for respite care during your assessments and it’s really important that you’re as open and honest about your likely needs from the outset. Everyone needs a break, and seeking respite care for a person with dementia doesn’t mean you’re letting them down.