Taking a break

The truth is, taking a break will require planning and the help and support of others. It’s when the needs of a person with dementia change, or you as a carer need to take a break, that you’re likely to come into contact with formal care and support services.

Support can range from home help, assisting around the house with housework, shopping, cooking etc, through to assistance with personal care needs. These can include helping the person with dementia to get dressed, assisting them in having a shower or going to the bathroom, supporting them to eat or take their medication. Depending on the situation, your loved one’s support needs and local authority policy, you may want to contact the local authority for an assessment of the person’s care needs. This can help to identify what needs they may have and how best they may be met. However, you don’t need to, you can go to private care and support providers who will also assess your loved one as part of the initial care planning process.

Given pressures on local authority budgets, it may be that after an assessment you are advised that you need to contact a private organisation to find suitable support. Either way, it is important that the person with dementia’s needs are fully assessed to enable you to find appropriate support and care while you’re taking a break.