Carer's assessment

Your local council should also offer you a Carer’s assessment to identify your needs as a carer and to discuss how best to meet these. This is different from your GP’s assessment and should look at other aspects of your life, including financial considerations. See the Carers UK website for further information about carers assessments. Please be aware that in Suffolk, there is no financial assessment (means testing) for support to meet your eligible needs as a carer. It is likely that your assessment will be carried out at the same time as that of the person with dementia.

This can be helpful as the support for a carer might be best met by the services that are actually provided to the person they care for. Respite care and short breaks may be provided to the person you are caring for so that you can take a break from your caring role when you need to. However please advise if you would prefer your assessment to be arranged for a separate time or place, as it’s important to be as open and honest as you can during your assessment and it’s important that the person carrying out the assessment fully understands your situation.